Latest Fast Track Articles

Factors associated with visit-to-visit variability of blood pressure in hypertensive patients at a Primary Health Care Service, Tabanan, Bali, Indonesia 
Author: Pertiwi, Gusti Ayu Riska

Adherence to clinical guidelines for monitoring diabetes in primary care settings 
Author: Dai, Mingliang

Predictors of successfully quitting smoking among smokers registered at the quit smoking clinic at a public hospital in northeastern Malaysia 
Author: Mohammad, Nur Izzati

Relationship between glycemic control and perceived family support among people with type 2 diabetes mellitus seen in a rich kinship network in Southwest Nigeria 
Authors: Osuji, Nnenna A.

Blood pressure–controlling behavior in relation to educational level and economic status among hypertensive women in Ghana 
Author: Ghose, Bishwajit

Factors influencing IOP changes in postmenopausal women 
Authors: Siuw, Chin P.

Nutritional status in adolescent girls: Attempt to determine its prevalence and its association with sociodemographic variables 
Author: Chandrashekarappa, Smitha Malenahalli

Family Medicine and Community Health (FMCH) Journal: Volume 6 Issue 3


The health of women and children ‐ an integral part of practice of family and community medicine 
pp. 95-96(2)
Author: Li, Li

Original Research

Factors influencing IOP changes in postmenopausal women 
pp. 97-103(7)
Authors: Siuw, Chin P.; Vasudevan, Suresh; Mustapha, Mushawiathi

Development and validation of the Mothers of Preterm Babies Postpartum Depression Scale 
pp. 104-114(11)
Authors: Ishola, Ajibola A.; Obasi, Chisom C.; Sholuke, Ismail T.

Blood pressure‐controlling behavior in relation to educational level and economic status among hypertensive women in Ghana 
pp. 115-123(9)
Authors: Ghose, Bishwajit; Yaya, Sanni

A cross-sectional study to assess the out-of-pocket expenditure of families on the health care of children younger than 5 years in a rural area 
pp. 124-130(7)
Authors: Shrivastava, Saurabh RamBihariLal; Shrivastava, Prateek Saurabh

Case Study

Integrated primary care‐behavioral health program development and implementation in a rural context 
pp. 131-141(11)
Authors: Campbell, Kendra; McKnight, Loren; Vasquez, Angel R.


The role of the teaching practice in undergraduate medical education: A perspective from the United States of America 
pp. 142-153(12)
Authors: Fetters, Michael D.; Rew, Joanna; Heidelbaugh, Joel J.

China Focus

Number, distribution, and predicted needed number of general practitioners in China* 
pp. 154-159(6)
Authors: Wu, Baoling; Gong, Hanxiang; Luo, Zhenni

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