Table of Contents


Volume 3 Issue 1 Contents


West meets east: Chinese and US doctors addressing the medical ecology and disease management from both countries’ perspectives 
pp. 1-3(3)
Author: Wang, Wei

Introduction to special edition: The challenge of chronic non-communicable disease and the opportunity for transforming health care through primary care based population health management 
pp. 4-5(2)
Authors: O’Donnell, Ronald R.

Section One: The Chronic Disease Challenge for General Practitioners

Availability and social determinants of community health management service for patients with chronic diseases: An empirical analysis on elderly hypertensive and diabetic patients in an eastern metropolis of China 
pp. 6-14(9)
Authors: Wu, Zhijun; Jian, Weiyan

Menopause and the risk of metabolic syndrome among middle-aged Chinese women                        
 pp. 15-22(8)  
Authors: Strand, Mark A.; Huseth-Zosel, Andrea; He, Meizi; Perry, Judith

“Three essential elements” of the primary health care system: A comparison between California in the US and Guangdong in China   pp. 23-29(7)
Authors: Huang, Minfang; Wei, Donghai; Rubino, Louis; Wang, Lianshen; Li, Dazhuang; Ding, Bofeng; Li, Gan

Section Two: Population Health Management for General Practitioners

The Accountable Care Organization results: Population health management and quality improvement programs associated with increased quality of care and decreased utilization and cost of care 
pp. 30-38(9)
Authors: O’Donnell, Ronald; Anand, Nishant Shaun; Ganser, Caroline; Wexler, Nancy

Team-based stepped care in integrated delivery settings 
pp. 39-46(8)
Authors: Snipes, Cassandra; Maragakis, Alexandros; O’Donohue, William

A population-based approach to the management of depression in a patient-centered medical home 
pp. 47-52(6)  
Authors: Kushner, Kenneth; Schell, Gwynneth

Effectiveness of an employment-based smoking cessation assistance program in China 
pp. 53-62(10)
Authors: Li, Peizhong; Larrison, Christopher; Lennox, Richard; Mollenhauer, Matt; Sharar, David A.

Evaluating the process of mental health and primary care integration: The Vermont Integration Profile 
pp. 63-65(3)
Author: Kessler, Rodger