FMCH Journal Volume 4 Issue 3



Editor-in-Chief & Guest Editor 
pp. 1-1(1)


The global reach of family medicine and community health 
pp. 2-3(2)
Author: Wang, Wei

Original Research

Sedentary lifestyle among adults in Jordan, 2007  
pp. 4-8(5)
Authors: Sharkas, Ghazi F.; Saheb, Tayseer; Arqoub, Kamal; Haddadin, Raja

How well are families doing? A description of family well-being in South Africa 
pp. 9-18(10)
Authors: Roman, Nicolette Vanessa; Isaacs, Serena Ann; Davids, Charl; Sui, Xin-Cheng


The Malaysian health care system: Ecology, plans, and reforms 
pp. 19-29(11)
Authors: Sebastian, Andrea; Alzain, Mohamed Ali; Asweto, Collins Otieno; Mahara, Gehendra; Guo, Xiuhua; Song, Manshu; Wang, Youxin; Wang, Wei

Maternal health and its affecting factors in Nepal 
pp. 30-34(5)
Authors: Mahara, Gehendra; Barr, Jill; Thomas, Janeeta; Wang, Wei; Guo, Xiuhua


An innovation in child health: Globally reaching out to child health professionals 
pp. 35-44(10)
Authors: Jones, Russell; Currow, Kathryn; Kwong, Mary; Menon, Pramila

Case Study

Training medical undergraduates in the core disciplines of community medicine through community postings ‐ an experience from India 
pp. 45-50(6)
Authors: Shewade, Hemant Deepak; Palanivel, Chinnakali; Jeyashree, Kathiresan

China Focus

‘Face’ and psychological processes of laid-off workers in transitional China 
pp. 51-63(13)
Authors: Wang, Bingxin; Greenwood, Kenneth Mark

Long-term care for aged ethnic minority people in Yunnan, China: Understanding the situation 
pp. 64-68(5)
Authors: Zhang, Kaining; Zakus, David; Gao, Chuqun