FMCH Journal Volume 5 Issue 1



The global burden of preventable cancer mortality 
pp. 1-2(2)
Author: Zoorob, Roger J.

Original Research

Socioeconomic, environmental, and geographic factors and US lung cancer mortality, 1999‐2009 
pp. 3-12(10)
Authors: de Grubb, Maria C. Mejia; Kilbourne, Barbara; Kilbourne, Katy; Langston, Michael; Gittner, Lisa; Zoorob, Roger J.; Levine, Robert

Unplanned hospitalizations for metastatic cancers: The changing patterns of inpatient palliative care, discharge to hospice care, and in-hospital mortality in the United States
pp. 13-28(16)
Authors: Salemi, Jason L.; Chima, Charles C.; Spooner, Kiara K.; Zoorob, Roger J.

Smoking, depression, and hospital costs of respiratory cancers: Examining race and sex variation 
pp. 29-42(14)
Authors: Husaini, Baqar A.; Levine, Robert S.; Lammers, Phillip; Hull, Pam; Novotny, Meggan; Moonis, Majaz

Self-reported preferences for patient and provider roles in cancer treatment decision-making in the United States 
pp. 43-55(13)
Authors: Spooner, Kiara; Chima, Charles; Salemi, Jason L.; Zoorob, Roger J.

Temporal trends in colorectal cancer incidence among Asian American populations in the United States, 1994‐2013 
pp. 56-64(9)
Authors: Wang, Haijun; Mejia de Grubb, Maria C.; Gonzalez, Sandra J.; Sidani, Mohamad; Ma, Jianping; Zoorob, Roger J.

Student self-assessment versus preceptor assessment at the midpoint of a family medicine clerkshipa 
pp. 65-70(6)
Authors: Huang, William; Grigoryan, Larissa

Modified Advanced Life Support in Obstetrics course: Feasibility, trainee satisfaction, and sustainability potential 
pp. 71-77(7)
Authors: Aggarwal, Anjali; Salemi, Jason L.; Yap, Bernice; Matas, Jennifer L.; Naik, Sameer; Zoorob, Roger J.; Salihu, Hamisu M.


Primary and secondary prevention of colorectal cancer: An evidence-based review 
pp. 78-84(7)
Authors: Gonzalez, Sandra J.; Mejia de Grubb, Maria C.; Levine, Robert S.

China Focus

Characteristics of patients with erectile dysfunction in a family physician-led erectile dysfunction clinic: Retrospective case series 
pp. 85-91(7)
Authors: Chiang, Lap Kin; Kam, Cheuk-Wai; Yau, Kin-Chung Michael; Ng, Lorna

Ten year risk assessment of ischemic cardiovascular disease and intervention analysis among middle-aged residents with moderate risk and above in a Shanghai-based community 
pp. 92-100(9)
Authors: Xu, Qi; Shen, Jieyan; Shi, Rong; Zhao, Hui