FMCH Journal Volume 6 Issue 1



Chronic non-communicable disease 
pp. 1-2(2)
Authors: Piterman, Leon; Yang, Hui

Original Research

Chronic heart failure: Role of the GP in management 
pp. 3-9(7)
Authors: Piterman, Leon; Yang, Hui; Yin, Zhaoxia

Offshore teaching in chronic disease management: The Monash-Shenzhen experience 
pp. 10-13(4)
Authors: Piterman, Leon; Yang, Hui; Blashki, Grant

General practice training in China: A multimodal experiential program provided by Australian educators 
pp. 14-19(6)
Authors: Blashki, Grant; Yang, Hui; Piterman, Leon

Chronic disease in a digital health environment 
pp. 20-25(6)
Author: Pearce, Christopher

Type 2 diabetes: Challenges facing GPs 
pp. 26-31(6)
Authors: Huo, Lili; Shaw, Jonathan E.

Qualitative Exploration

A qualitative exploration of GPs’ perspectives on managing chronic nonspecific musculoskeletal pain in Australian general practice ‐ a focus group study 
pp. 32-38(7)
Authors: Gaikwad, Manasi; Vanlint, Simon; Aylward, Paul; Stocks, Nigel

Assessing the implementation of the family care team in the district health system of health region 2, Thailand 
pp. 39-50(12)
Authors: Kitreerawutiwong, Nithra; Mekrungrengwong, Sunsanee; Wongwonsin, Artitaya; Phetphum, Chakkraphan