FMCH Journal Volume 6 Issue 2


Original Research

Prevalence of risk factors for noncommunicable diseases among rural women in Yemen 
pp. 51-62(12)
Author: Alwabr, Gawad M.A.

Cross-sectional analysis of obesity and high blood pressure among undergraduate students of a university medical college in South India 
pp. 63-69(7)
Authors: Chenji, Sravan Kumar; Rao, Chythra R.; Sivanesan, Saranya; Kamath, Veena; Kamath, Asha

Genetic screening for quality-of-life improvement and post‐genetic testing consideration in Saudi Arabia 
pp. 70-76(7)
Authors: Dhawi, Faten; Alotaibi, Faisal Shehab

Geographic and health system correlates of interprofessional oral health practice 
pp. 77-84(8)
Authors: Boynes, Sean G.; Lauer, Abigail; Martin, Amy


The role of the teaching practice in undergraduate education ‐ A British perspective 
pp. 85-88(4)
Author: Houlston, Patricia

China Focus

Impacts from the implementation of a Novel Clinical Pharmacist Training Program in Changsha, Hunan Province, China 
pp. 89-92(4)
Authors: Xu, Ping; Xiang, Da Xiong; Cave, Andrew J.; Banh, Hoan Linh

Letter to Editor

Has Mayaro virus always existed or is it new? 
pp. 93-94(2)
Author: Vargas, Juan


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