FMCH Journal Volume 3 Issue 2 



pp. 1-1(1)

Original Research

Adult immunization improvement in an underserved family medicine practice 
pp. 2-7(6)
Authors: Sidani, Mohamad; Harris, Jaden; Zoorob, Roger J.

Hospitalizations and healthcare costs associated with serious, non-lethal firearm-related violence and injuries in the United States, 1998‐2011 
pp. 8-19(12)
Authors: Salemi, Jason L.; Jindal, Vikas; Wilson, Roneé E.; Mogos, Mulubrhan F.; Aliyu, Muktar H.; Salihu, Hamisu M.

Exploring point-of-care transformation in diabetic care: A quality improvement approach 
pp. 20-26(7)
Authors: Juneja, Malvika; de Grubb, Maria C. Mejia; Wang, Haijun; Spooner, Kiara; Zoorob, Roger J.

Rural congestive heart failure mortality among US elderly, 1999‐2013: Identifying counties with promising outcomes and opportunities for implementation research 
pp. 27-38(12)
Authors: de Grubb, Maria C. Mejia; Levine, Robert S; Kilbourne, Barbara; Husaini, Baqar A; Skelton, Tyler; Gittner, Lisa; Langston, Michael A; Rust, George E

Depression and race affect hospitalization costs of heart failure patients 
pp. 39-47(9)
Authors: Husaini, Baqar A.; Levine, Robert S.; Novotny, Meggan L.; Cain, Van A.; Sampson, Uchechukwu K.A.; Moonis, Majaz

Evidence-Based Review

Patient-centered medical home and integrated care in the United States: An opportunity to maximize delivery of primary care 
pp. 48-53(6)
Authors: Gonzalez, Sandra J.; de Grubb, Maria C. Mejia; Zoorob, Roger J.

A review of adult asthma and the effectiveness of education programs in reducing symptoms 
pp. 54-61(8)
Authors: Perkison, William Brett; Sidani, Mohamad


Student self-assessment of strengths and needed improvements during a family medicine clerkship 
pp. 62-68(7)
Authors: Huang, William; Barning, Kenneth; Grigoryan, Larissa

Evaluation of obstetrics procedure competency of family medicine residents 
pp. 69-78(10)
Authors: Wang, Haijun; Warwick, Eric; de Grubb, Maria C. Mejia; Deng, Nanfu; Corboy, Jane

China Focus

Integration of traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine in a Chinese community health center 
pp. 79-83(5)
Authors: Kushner, Kenneth; Yu, Shuang