FMCH Journal Volume 3 Issue 3 



Overview Vol 3, Issue 3
pp. 1-1(1)

Original Research

Stool DNA-based versus colonoscopy-based colorectal cancer screening: patient perceptions and preferences
p. 2-8(7)
Authors: Abola, Matthew V.; Fennimore, Todd F.; Chen, Marcia M.; Chen, Zhengyi; Sheth, Ashutosh K.; Cooper, Gregory; Li, Li

Disconnect between primary care and cancer follow-up care: An exploratory study from Odisha, India
pp. 9-17(9)
Authors: Pati, Sanghamitra; Nayak, Sukdev; Weller, David

Primary care clinicians’ strategies to overcome financial barriers to specialty health care for uninsured patients
pp. 18-24(7)
Authors: Werner, James J.; Corbett, Kitty K.

Survival in men older than 75 years with low- and intermediate-grade prostate cancer managed with watchful waiting with active surveillance
pp. 25-36(12)
Authors: Kou, Tzuyung D.; Koroukian, Siran M.; Fu, Pingfu; Raghavan, Derek; Cooper, Gregory S; Li, Li


Family medicine: Global health in practice
pp. 37-40(4)
Author: Morikawa, Masahiro J.

China Focus

Primary health care, a concept to be fully understood and implemented in current China’s health care reform
pp. 41-51(11)
Authors: Xu, Guoping; Wang, Jiaji

The innovations in China’s primary health care reform: Development and characteristics of the community health services in Hangzhou
pp. 52-66(15)
Authors: Lin, Feng; Sun, Qihong; Peng, Zhangping; Cai, Jun; Geanacopoulos, Philip; Li, Lin; Zhao, Yun; Zhang, Xin; Chen, Xiaoxiao