FMCH Journal Volume 3 Issue 4 



Guest Editors
pp. 1-1(1)
pp. 2-4(3)
Authors: Liu, Chaojie; Krouskos, Demos; Geary, Michael

Original Research

Family structure and support for the oldest old: A cross-sectional study in Dujiangyan, China 
pp. 5-14(10)
Authors: Ren, Xiaohui; Meng, Hongdao; Liu, Chaojie; Wu, Jinhui; Dong, Birong; Li, Ningxiu
Exploration and practice of general practitioner responsibility system in an urban community of Shanghai
pp. 15-22(8)
Authors: Wu, Yan; Zhao, Yanping; Huang, Xiaoxia; Wang, Junyan; Xu, Huilin; Su, Hualin
Striking a balance: The critical importance of sense-making and values-congruent partnerships between general practitioners and patients following stroke
pp. 23-31(9)
Authors: Ehrlich, Carolyn; Kendall, Elizabeth; Catalano, Tara


A paradigm shift in models of oral health care: An example and a call to action
pp. 32-37(6)
Authors: Christian, Bradley; Hall, Martin; Martin, Rachel


The role of a community health service in the prevention of violence against women
pp. 38-47(10)
Authors: Upston, Bronwyn; Poljski, Carolyn; Wirtz, Helen
A new paradigm for assessment of infant feeding deviation
pp. 48-56(9)
Author: Rothenbury, Ailsa

China Focus

Current situation of AIDS prevention and control with traditional Chinese medicine and relevant policies in China
pp. 57-64(8)
Authors: Shi, Xuefeng; Bian, Xuefeng; Wang, Weiqing; Fang, Yunyun
Systematic reviews in general practice: Applicability of the review “Mass media interventions for preventing smoking in young people” in the People’s Republic of China
pp. 65-73(9)
Author: Ferrier, John Adamm
pp. 74-75(2)
Author: Wang, Wei
Opening speech at China’s General Practice Conference
pp. 75-77(3)
Author: Chan, Margaret
Address at China’s General Practice Conference
pp. 77-79(3)
Author: Chen, Zhu
Initiative on specialist support for the construction of Chinese General Practitioner System
pp. 79-80(2)


Corrigendum to “Induction of resistance vessel dilation by ginger root juice, possibly through extracellular signal-regulated kinase 1/2 and endothelial nitric oxide synthase activation in endothelial cells” [Family Medicine and Community Health (2013) 1(3), 12‐18]
pp. 81-81(1)
Authors: Bird, Cynthia E.; Shah, Dinesh M.