FMCH Journal Volume 4 Issue 1



Editor-in-Chief & Guest Editor
pp. 1-1(1)
Editorial pp. 2-2(1)
Author: Zakus, David

Original Research

Unregulated health care workers in the care of aging populations: Similarities and differences between Brazil and Canada
pp. 3-14(12)
Authors: Veras, Mirella; Paquet, Nicole; Oliveira, Eliany N.; Zakus, David; Deonandan, Raywat; Pottie, Kevin

Conversations in accountability: Perspectives from three charities
pp. 15-21(7)
Author: Kirsch, David 

Performing arts as a social technology for community health promotion in northern Ghana
pp. 22-36(15)
Authors: Frishkopf, Michael; Hamze, Hasan; Alhassan, Mubarak; Zukpeni, Ibrahim Abukari; Abu, Sulemana; Zakus, David

Systematic Review

Integration of community health workers into health systems in developing countries: Opportunities and challenges
pp. 37-45(9)
Authors: Asweto, Collins Otieno; Alzain, Mohamed Ali; Andrea, Sebastian; Alexander, Rachel; Wang, Wei

Narrative Analysis

Traditional knowledge in HIV/AIDS treatment and prevention program in northern Uganda
pp. 46-52(7)
Author: Akena, Francis Adyanga

A resident’s perspective on why global health work should be incorporated into family medicine residency training
pp. 53-54(2)
Author: Sweeney, Sarah

Meeting Report

Report on the International Symposium on Suboptimal Health Status, Inner Mongolia
pp. 55-56(2)
Authors: Wu, Jing; Ge, Siqi; Pan, Yuanming; Yu, Xinwei; Zhou, Yong; Wang, Wei; Sun, Kai; Zhao, Ruiping; Hu, Jiang

China Focus

Integrated care and training in family practice in the 21st century: Taiwan as an example
pp. 57-59(3)
Author: Lee, Meng-Chih

Implementation of a novel train-the-trainer program for pharmacists in China
pp. 60-63(4)
Authors: Banh, Hoan Linh; Cave, Andrew