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Assessing the implementation of the family care team in the district health system of health region 2, Thailand

family care

Authors: Kitreerawutiwong, Nithra; Mekrungrengwong, Sunsanee; Wongwonsin, Artitaya; Phetphum, Chakkraphan Background: The family care team (FCT) was established to improve the quality of care. This study aimed to explore the perceptions of FCT implementation and describe the challenges inherent in implementing the FCT. Methods: Forty in-depth interviews were conducted. The interviewees consisted of five primary care managers in the […]

A qualitative exploration of GPs’ perspectives on managing chronic nonspecific musculoskeletal pain in Australian general practice ‐ a focus group study

Geographic and health system correlates of interprofessional oral health practice

Authors: Gaikwad, Manasi; Vanlint, Simon; Aylward, Paul; Stocks, Nigel Objective: Chronic nonspecific musculoskeletal pain (CNMP) is a complex idiopathic condition that causes significant disruption to patients’ lives, their relationships, and functionality. The cause of CNMP is not fully understood, which makes diagnosis and management challenging. As general practitioners (GPs) are central to the management of chronic pain, their perspectives on […]