Chinese General Practice English abstracts

Chinese General Practice English abstracts

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Chinese General Practice (CGP) journal broadly advances primary health care, general practice and family medicine in a rapid health system reform and development environment. Publishing since 1990, CGP reflects the history and current development of Chinese general practice and community health services. Articles are aimed at community doctors, primary care hospital doctors, educators, trainers and supervisors of general practice, community health managers, government officials and general practice and community health service researchers.

Aims and Scope

CGP covers general practice and research, community health management and innovation, as well as primary health care policy and advocacy The Journal publishes scientific articles aimed at health professionals, healthcare managers and government officials across all levels and regions.

CGP publishes articles on the following topics:

  • General practice education and training
  • General practice management and evaluation
  • General practice scholarly and clinical research
  • Best practices in general practice
  • General practice and community health innovation
  • Health care reform policy and guideline development
  • Community based primary care
  • Community health leadership development
  • Health economics of community health
  • International experiences of general practice and community health
  • Family doctor service model
  • Management of chronic diseases
  • Degenerative diseasesChinese general practice GGP cover image
  • Chronic pain
  • Mental/psychological diseases
  • Infectious diseases
  • Male diseases
  • Gynecological disease
  • Pediatric diseases
  • Geriatric diseases
  • Basic medicine system and the utilization of medicine at primary level
  • Community health service management and new information technologies