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Journal of Clinical Rational Drug Use
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Practice Journal of Cardiac Cerebral Pneumal and Vascular Disease
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Chinese General Practice Journal Clinical Rational Drug Use Journal Cardiac Cerebral Pneumal & Vascular Disease Journal

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When general practice training was launched in China in 1999 there was an urgent need for Chinese language standard training textbooks. The CGPP was tasked with filling this void. With the agreement of  Monash University of Australia, CGPP was entrusted with the translation and publication of John Murtagh’s General Practice written by Professor John Murtagh. Professor Murtagh also acts as an academic advisor to both Chinese General Practice and Family Medicine and Community Health, and has been instrumental in organizing expert teams to carry out general practice training in China.

In more recent years CGPP has gone on to license and translate a number of other training textbooks, including General Practice Psychiatry edited by Professor Leon, Women’s Health in General Practice by Professor Danielle Mazza and The Color Atlas of Family Medicine by Professor Richard P. Usatine of the United States.

Murtagh's General Pratice Journal General Practice Psychiatry

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