Cochrane Updates and Nice Guidelines Volume 1 Issue 4

Cochrane Updates and Nice Guidelines Volume 1 Issue 4

Cochrane Updates & NICE Guidelines, Practical Evidence About Real Life Situations (PEARLS) are succinct summaries of Cochrane Systematic Reviews for primary care practitioners.

PEARLS provide guidance on whether a treatment is effective or ineffective, prepared as an educational resource and not replacing clinician judgment in the management of individual cases.

Multimedia educational interventions regarding prescribed and over-the-counter medications that are effective for consumers

PEARLS 399, written by Brian R McAvoy

How Effective are Topical Herbal Therapies for Treating Osteoarthritis

PEARLS 402, written by Brian R McAvoy

Managing Overweight And Obesity Among Children and Young People: Lifestyle Weight Management Services

NICE guidelines [PH47] Published date: October 2013

Smoking Cessation in Secondary Care: Acute, Maternity, and Mental Health Services
NICE guidelines [PH48] Published