EU Research Project HCO -07 European Commission Horizon 2020

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Professor Wei Wang to lead China based research project as part of EU research project HCO-07 – European Commission Horizon 2020Horizon 2020

Funding for EU research project HCO-07 – European Commission Horizon 2020 ( which will focus on chronic disease and health intervention both in Europe and China was approved in December 2017. The project will focus on evidence-based dementia prevention strategy, Professor Wei Wang will lead the project research in China.

It is hoped that collaboration with China on specific strategic health challenges will contribute to provision of more evidence-based solutions. The project aims include:

  • Development of a sustainable platform between EU and China that will facilitate a constant dialogue on addressing common health R&I challenges.
  • Identification of health challenges, whose solution may benefit from closer bi-lateral and/or multi-lateral cooperation between EU and China, to facilitate and develop collaborative research initiatives between EU and Chinese stakeholders.
  • Increase in bi-lateral and multi-lateral cooperation on health research strategic items between EU and China.
  • Higher participation of Chinese researchers in SC1 and future EU health research programmes, but also of European researchers in Chinese health research programmes.project members