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29-31 March







6th Cross-Strait General Practice Conference

General practice policy and development
Reforms and development in primary care
Internet+general practice management
Constraction of general practice base and talents training
Cardiovascular diseases
Endocrine diseases
Respiratory Diseases
Hospital field trip






13-17 May







10th National Faculty Traning

Medical humanities
GPs’ professionalism and skills
Teaching methods of general practice faculties
Clinical thinking and evaluation
Core competencies and evaluation of general practice faculties
Clinical operation and practice
Community prevention and health care






14-16 June







11th Cross-Straits Health and Wellness Forum

Health policy and cross-strait cooperation and development
Hospital management and medical services
Medical service and endowment combination
Rational use of drugs
Biomedical policy and industrial development
Mobile health and informatization
Health management




26-30 June





2019 General Practice Summit Forum

Construction and development of general practice
Talents training in new era
Faculty training and assessments
Design of faculty training plan and its implement
Public health in primary care
Chronic disease management
Cardiovascular disease prevention and management


















Family Doctors Cooperation and Development Forum

Medical equipment exhibition
Development trend and policy orientation of non-public medical institutions
Function positioning of community hospital
Non-public medical institution development report
International progress in general practice
Commercial insurance and general practice cooperation model
Standardization construction of general practice institutions
Non-public medical institutions to join integrated medical union
General practice skills training


















Contracted Service with  Family Doctors

New thought in health managements
Chronic disease management in US
Referral system in Japan
Healthcare payment mode in Taiwan
Team composition and division of labor in UK
Training for GPs and their improvement
Policy and advice
Contracted service mode
Contracted service package




16-18 August





Western Forum on Cross-Straits General Practice Development

Development and cooperation of general practice in western area of China
Reforms and management in primary care
Construction of training base for faculties of general practice
Chronic disease management
Faculty training for general practice
Hospital field trip








6-8 September









Chronic Disease Management between US and China

Policy and trends
Review and prospect of chronic disease management
Service and management innovation
Chronic disease management differences between US and China
Mobile internet and chronic disease management
Experience sharing
Clinical new technology transformation
Chinese medicine and chronic disease management
Psychological and behavioral intervention
Quality assessment





25-27 October






Peking University Medical Forum—General Practice Forum

Construction of department general practice of in universities
Construction of training base for faculties of general practice
Development of general practice in General hospitals
Reforms in primary care
Chronic disease management in primary care
Clinical skills training
Faculty training for general practice







19-20 December








Exchanging Operation Mode in Community Health Service Centers

Contract services with family doctors
Reforms in primary care
Hierarchical diagnosis and treatment system
Community health promotion system
Construction of general practice subject
Improvement of service abolity in primary care
Comprehensive prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease
Humanistic care
Family doctor studio management mode