Volume 1 Issue 1

Contents of Family Medicine and Community Health (FMCH)

Original Research

Symptoms of spinal dysfunction mimicking systemic diseases (Ogundana Syndrome): a review of 35 cases treated with manual therapy over 30 years
Michael O. Egwu, Vincent C.B. Nwuga

Ischemic stroke: complication of hypertension in hospital west of Almeria in Spain 
JV Gómez-González, Blas Gil-Extremera

Hypomagnesemia is a risk factor for metabolic syndrome and type 2 diabetes mellitus in native Balinese
Pande Dwipayana, Made Ratna Saraswati, Wira Gotera, Anak Agung Gde Budhiarta, Ketut Suastika, Safarina Malik, Herawati Sudoyo, Naemi Kajiwara, Hiroshi Taniguchi

Tunneled peritoneal catheters for the palliative therapy of malignant ascites
Yvonne Ryan, Karen Lyons, John Hansen, Aisling O’Gorman

Frequency of C825T G protein β3 subunit gene polymorphism and its association with obesity in the Kyrgyz population
Mirrakhimov Erkin, Lunegova Olga, Mirrakhimov Aibek, Kerimkulova Alina, Starov Nurdin, Zalesskaya Yuliya, Abilova Saamai, Nabiev Malik, Alibaeva Nazira, Aldashev Almaz

Elderly healthcare service at the community health centers in the Pearl River Delta region, China
Nan Yang, Xiaolin Wei, Haitao Li, Zhenzhen Zhang, Jamie Rodas, Samuel YS Wong, Martin CS Wong, Yang Gao, Jiaji Wang, Donald KT Li, Jinling Tang, Sian Griffiths

Clinical Tips

Antihypertensive drugs in pregnancy
Rose Gasnier, Edimárlei Gonsales Valério, José Geraldo Lopes Ramos

Case Study

Case history: a student in China with depression
Enda Murphy

Pulmonary tuberculosis manifesting as ‘tree-in-bud’ opacities on chest radiography
Rumi R. Khajotia, Sangeetha Poovaneswaran


Primary care for cancers at diagnosis and follow-up: a narrative review
Chew Boon How, Sri Wahyu Taher

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