Volume 1 Issue 2

Family Medicine and Community Health (FMCH) Journal

Original Research

Separation of Revenue and Expenditure increases  first contact care in community health centers among  community residents
Hong Guo, Xiaoyun Liang, Chenggang Jin

Efficiency of community health service in urban and suburban areas of Shanghai: based on production function
An Zhang, Wen Xia, Yong Bao

Serum α-fetoprotein level as a biomarker for short-term recurrence after R0 resection in primary hepatocellular carcinoma

Songpeng Li, Liqun Wu

Comprehensive reform of community health service in east, middle and west regions of China: from patients’ perspective

Jiangmei Qin, Yanchun Zhang, Lifang Zhang, Liqun Liu, Wei Zhou, Cailing Liu, Likun Wang, Jing Li

Analysis on necessity of community health service development based on limits-to-growth archetype – taking Jiangxi province as an example

Liqing Li, Xiaojun Zhou

Retrospective analysis of diffuse interstitial lung disease in 10 hospitals in Tianjin

Shouchun Peng, Luqing Wei, Jie Cao, Guiying Liu, Yanping Lai, Wei Jia, Hong Zheng, Liyu Li, Yuyan Xiao, Nan Li, Naxin Zhang


Challenges in the provision of community aged care in China
Hui Yang, Colette Browning, Shane Thomas


Diagnostic technology: alternative sampling methods for collection of urine collection in older adults
Katrien Latour, Annette Plüddemann, Matthew Thompson, Boudewijn Catry, Christopher P Price, Carl
 Heneghan, Frank Buntinx

Case Study

Abdominal pain beyond belief – the case of Billy ‘Munchausen’
John Murtaph

Two cases of a super mimic
John Murtaph

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