Maternal health and its affecting factors in Nepal

Maternal health and its affecting factors in Nepal

Authors: Mahara, Gehendra; Barr, Jill; Thomas, Janeeta; Wang, Wei; Guo, Xiuhua

Maternal health is still a public health problem in developing countries, especially in low-resource settings rural and poor communities. The main aim of this article is to critically evaluate and explore the situation of maternal health in Nepal based on published or unpublished governmental or nongovernmental organization’s scientific reports regarding maternal health. We found that there were several direct or indirect causes and affecting factors of maternal death in Nepal, which are preventable. Women have been facing different consequences during pregnancy and delivery, attributed to lack of proper knowledge or less available and affordable health facilities in rural communities. Therefore, there is needed an essential maternal health knowledge to women and also establish health facilities with a quality health care service on affordable and accessible to prevent maternal death and minimize complications.

Keywords: Maternal health; Nepal; maternal mortality

Document Type: Research Article


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