Nobel Prize Winner for Medicine Welcomes FMCH

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Nobel Prize Winner for Medicine Welcomes the Launch of Family Medicine and Community Health Journal

Robin Warren, Nobel Prize Winner  

On a recent visit to Beijing Robin Warren met with our Editor-in-Chief Professor Wei Wang. Dr Warren congratulated Wei Wang on the launch of the new journal and wished him well with its development.  Dr. Warren and Professor Barry Marshall were awarded the Nobel Prize for Medicine in 2005 for their work on the re-discovery of the bacterium Helicobacter pylori.

 Through their work at the University of Western Australia they proved that the bacterium is the cause of stomach ulcers. Later Warren helped develop a convenient diagnostic test (C-urea breath-test) for detecting H. pylori in ulcer patients.Dr. Warren has served as Honorary Clinical Assistant in Pathology and Honorary Registrar in Haematology at Royal Adelaide Hospital. He has lectured in pathology at Adelaide University and served as Clinical Pathology Registrar at the Royal Melbourne Hospital. He has spent most of his career as a senior pathologist at the Royal Perth Hospital.  Dr. Robin Warren, Nobel Prize winner and  Professor Wei Wang