Patient-centered care in a multicultural world

Patient-centered care in a multicultural world

Authors: Mathers, Nigel; Bansal, Aarti

To be a good clinician in 2016 is challenging – not only do we have to ensure that our biomedical knowledge is up to date, but increasingly we need to practice medicine within the much broader context of patient-centered care (PCC) in diverse populations. The knowledge, skills, and attitudes required to deliver good PCC in these settings are the same in whatever part of the world we practice. However, PCC presents considerable challenges to us that are highlighted and magnified when we are delivering care to individuals outside our own culture. A particular issue is not only that PCC has yet to be accepted as the ‘cultural norm’ by patients and clinicians alike, but also increasingly, sophisticated knowledge and skills are required by clinicians to address the complexities inherent in consulting within diverse populations.

How can we build on our current knowledge of best practice in PCC to embrace those challenges and complexities resulting from an increasingly diverse multicultural world?

Document Type: Editorial