Primary Care and Cancer Care

Primary care and family medicine are at the forefront of our war against cancer. Primary care physicians provide comprehensive care for individual patients and the general population along the whole spectrum of cancer care continuum ranging from risk reduction, screening and early detection to survivorship.

This special issue of Family Medicine and Community Health focuses on the theme of ‘Primary Care and Cancer’. The birth of this special issue results from long-term collaboration among primary care physicians, cancer researchers in the Department of Family Medicine and Community Health, Case Comprehensive Cancer Center, Mary Ann Swetland Center for Environmental Health at Case Western Reserve University and the Journal. Original research published in this issue covers a broad range of issues facing by primary care and family physicians in their daily practice, ranging from cancer epidemiology, quality of life, and survivorship. These reports highlight the wide-ranging research at the interface of cancer and primary care by investigators at Case Western Reserve University.

We hope this special issue of the journal will cultivate broad interest among the readers, in particular among primary care and family physicians and investigators, and forge a formidable force to accomplish our mission to conquer cancer.