Volume 1 Issue 3

Family Medicine and Community Health (FMCH) Journal 


Declaration of transparency for each research article pp. 1-4(4)
Authors: Altman, Douglas G.; Moher, David

Health Policy Research

Health professionals’ perspective on the impact of community health care reform in different regions of China pp. 5-11(7)
Authors: Zhang, Yanchun; Qin, Jiangmei; Zhang, Lifang; Liu, Liqun; Zhou, Wei

Original Research

 Induction of resistance vessel dilation by ginger root juice, possibly through extracellular signal-regulated kinase 1/2 and endothelial nitric oxide synthase activation in endothelial cells pp. 12-18(7)
Authors: Bird, Elizabeth; Shah, Dinesh M.

 General medical practice in China: evaluation of urban community health care service functions based on a rough set reduction theory pp. 19-26(8)
Authors: Li, Liqing; Zhou, Xiaojun; Li, Zhongjie

Epidemiology of community pre-hypertensive patients and related risk factors in Chengdu city pp. 27-32(6)
Authors: Chen, Xinyun; Yan, Yafei; Qin, Fang; Jiang, Xiaojing; Yu, Bo; Shang, Fang; Liu, Jian; Wu, Yuelei; Tang, Dan; Yao, Yuanyuan; Zhang, Tingjie

Performance evaluation indicator system for the implementation of essential drug system in community health service institutions pp. 33-38(6)
Authors: Zhang, Lifang; Jia, Yan; Zhang, Yanchun; Wu, Ning; Qin, Jiangmei

Optimal incentive mechanism for dual referral based on the analytic hierarchy process pp. 39-47(9)
Author: Lei, Guanghe


Motivational interviewing and its application in the management of coronary heart disease pp. 48-54(7)
Authors: Ren, Yanping; Browning, Colette; Yang, Hui; Thomas, Shane

Case Study

Head injury in a 62-year-old man affected by alcohol pp. 55-56(2)
Author: Murtagh, John

Case studies in mental health in general practice: depression and malignancy pp. 57-60(4)
Authors: Fehily, Sasha; Blashki, Grant; Judd, Fiona; Piterman, Leon; Yang, Hui