Volume 1 Issue 4

Family Medicine and Community Health (FMCH) Journal 

Original Research

Development of community health service-oriented computer-assisted information system for diagnosis and treatment of respiratory diseases
pp. 1-9(9)
Authors: Wu, Yuefang; Yao, Xin; Sun, Peili; Hu, Yong; Zhu, Yuchuan; Hu, Yin

Epidemiologic survey and analysis of mild cognitive impairment amongst community senior citizens of Changsha City
pp. 10-17(8)
Authors: Zhang, Xueqing; Zeng, Hui

Health-related behaviors in children of ethnic minorities and Han nationality in China
pp. 18-22(5)
Authors: Sun, Yu; Cao, Qian; Zhang, Rong; Chen, Lu

Memory and behavior-related problems of patients with neurocognitive disorders and the attitudes of their caregivers
pp. 23-30(8)
Authors: Wang, Qingyan; Jiang, Fen; Chen, Sanmei; Tang, Siyuan

Economic burden of inpatients with viral hepatitis B-related diseases and the influencing factors
pp. 31-35(5)
Authors: Zhang, Hua; Chao, Jianqian; Zhu, Liguo; Song, Long; Li, Xiyan; Liu, Pei


Overactive bladder
pp. 36-39(4)
Authors: Ferry, Elizabeth; Daneshgari, Firouz

Case Study

The ‘physical-mental’ treatment of cardiovascular disease co-morbid with mental disorders
pp. 40-44(5)
Authors: Ren, Yanping; Yang, Hui; Browning, Colette; Thomas, Shane

Bystander resuscitation of a near-drowning child in a rural south China township
pp. 45-47(3)
Authors: Wu, Zhixin; He, Mingfeng; Guo, Qihong; Kuang, Minhua

Collapse in the supermarket
pp. 48-49(2)
Author: Murtagh, John

Cochrane Updates & NICE Guidelines

pp. 50-52(3)