Volume 2 Issue 2

Family Medicine and Community Health (FMCH) Journal

Volume 2 Issue 2 Contents 

Original Research

Interrelation among alexithymia and negative psychology of nursing personnel and their coping style
pp. 1-5(5)
Authors: Li, Shuwen; Yao, Guiying; Gui, Yanling; Zhang, Bin

Massage treatment of chronic persistent pediatric asthma
pp. 10-14(5)
Authors: Tian, Fuling; Li, Qi; Cui, Jianmei; Ma, Shuxiang; Wang, Hongbin; Li, Xueqing

Prospective study of the short-term effect of 1.75 mmol/L calcium concentration dialysate on hemodialysis patients
pp. 15-21(7)
Authors: Zhang, Dongliang; Sun, Fang; Zhou, Yilun; Duan, Xiaofeng; Sun, Yi; Cui, Taigen; Liu, Wenhu


Four-year dynamic observation and study on standardized management of elderly patients with type 2 diabetes in Beijing Yongding Road Community
pp. 22-29(8)
Authors: Li, Yue; Shen, Dongyun; Zhang, Wei; Wang, Yimin; Li, Hongmei; Geng, Jie; Yang, Liying; Xiao, Zhijun; Liu, Yan; Feng, Zhigang; Cao, Linying; Jin, Yan; Shi, Lixia

Empirical Study

Meta-analysis on the relevance of HLA-DRB1 gene polymorphisms in a Chinese population with pulmonary tuberculosis
pp. 30-36(7)
Authors: Su, Yong; Li, Ying; Sun, Guixiang

Case Study

A 2-year-old child with cough and respiratory distress
pp. 37-38(2)
Author: Murtagh, John

Cochrane Updates & Nice Guidelines

pp. 39-42(4)