Volume 4 Issue 4

Family Medicine and Community Health (FMCH) Journal: Volume 4 Issue 4


Patient-centered care in a multicultural world 
pp. 1-3(3)
Authors: Mathers, Nigel; Bansal, Aarti

Original Research

Mothers’ health-related quality of life: Its relationship with children’s health-related quality of life and behavior in low-income families 
pp. 4-12(9)
Authors: Man Wong, Rosa Sze; Guo, Vivian Yawei; Ip, Patrick; Ho Wong, Carlos King; Tak Yu, Esther Yee; Cheung Fung, Colman Siu; Lo Kuen Lam, Cindy

Epidemiological study of hypertensive retinopathy in the primary care setting: Retrospective cross-sectional review of retinal photographs 
pp. 13-21(9)
Authors: Chiang, Lap-kin; Yau, Michael K.C.; Kam, Cheuk-wai; Ng, Lorna V.; Zee, Benny C.Y.

Engaging black sub-Saharan African communities and their gatekeepers in HIV prevention programs: Challenges and strategies from England 
pp. 22-29(8)
Authors: Nyashanu, Mathew; Serrant, Laura


Factors associated with the utilization of institutional and home birth services among women in Ethiopia: A scoping review 
pp. 30-43(14)
Authors: Lapp, Bronwyn; Zakus, David

The role of Toxoplasma gondii as a possible inflammatory agent in the pathogenesis of type 2 diabetes mellitus in humans 
pp. 44-62(19)
Authors: Molan, Aus; Nosaka, Kazunori; Hunter, Michael; Wang, Wei


A new role for primary care teams in the United States after “Obamacare:” Track and improve health insurance coverage rates 
pp. 63-67(5)
Authors: DeVoe, Jennifer; Angier, Heather; Hoopes, Megan; Gold, Rachel

Narrative Analysis

‘Feeling of despair’ as the leading cluster theme of conceptual descriptive analyses in participatory assessment: Russia Oxfam GB case study 
pp. 68-74(7)
Authors: Zakirova, Venera; Zakus, David

China Focus

Healthy China 2030: “Without national health, there will be no comprehensive well-being” 
pp. 75-76(2)
Authors: Wang, Wei; Zakus, David

Screening of intraocular pressure before routine pupil dilation for retinal photography: Clinical case report 
pp. 77-79(3)
Author: Chiang, Lap-kin


Corrigendum to “Sedentary lifestyle among adults in Jordan, 2007” [Family Medicine and Community Health 2016;4(3):48] 
pp. 80-80(1)
Authors: Sharkas, Ghazi F.; Saheb, Tayseer; Arqoub, Kamal; Haddadin, Raja


Acknowledgement to reviewers 
pp. 81-81(1)