Volume 5 Issue 2


Primary care and cancer 
pp. 101-102(2)
Author: Li, Li

Original Research

The association of inherited variation in the CLOCK gene with breast cancer tumor grade 
pp. 103-108(6)
Authors: Gupta, Neha; Li, Li; Thompson, Cheryl L.

Use of prostate-specific antigen testing in Medicare beneficiaries: Association with previous evaluation 
pp. 109-118(10)
Authors: Cooper, Gregory S.; Kou, Tzuyung Doug; Schluchter, Mark D.; Dor, Avi; Koroukian, Siran M.; Kim, Simon P.

Symptoms predicting health-related quality of life in prostate cancer patients treated with localized radiation therapy 
pp. 119-128(10)
Authors: Hsiao, Chao-Pin; Chen, Mea-Kuang; Meyers, Kathy J.; Saligan, Leorey N.

Complex multimorbidity and health outcomes in older adult cancer survivorsa 
pp. 129-138(10)
Authors: Warner, David F.; Schiltz, Nicholas K.; Stange, Kurt C.; Given, Charles W.; Owusu, Cynthia; Berger, Nathan A.; Koroukian, Siran M.

The relationship between anxiety about prostate cancer among patients with biochemical cancer recurrence and the use of complementary and alternative medicines, diet, and exercise 
pp. 139-148(10)
Authors: Lee, Richard T.; Hemmerich, Joshua A.; Kwon, Nancy; Bylow, Kathryn; Stadler, Walter M.; Mohile, Supriya G.; Dale, William

Short sleep duration as a contributor to racial disparities in breast cancer tumor grade 
pp. 149-154(6)
Authors: Allan, Kevin; Berger, Nathan A.; Li, Li; Thompson, Cheryl L.

China Focus

Distribution and equity trends for general practitioners in China from 2012 to 2015 
pp. 155-162(8)
Authors: Wang, Yuanyuan; Liu, Weiwei; Wang, Xiaoli