Volume 5 Issue 3


Health is primary 
pp. 163-163(1)
Author: Li, Li

Original Research

Assessing the accuracy of patient report of the 5As (ask, assess, advise, assist, and arrange) for smoking cessation counseling 
pp. 164-169(6)
Authors: Flocke, Susan A.; Antognoli, Elizabeth

Mental health problems due to community violence exposure in a small urban setting 
pp. 170-178(9)
Authors: Ahmad, Faraz; Medder, Jim; Geske, Jenenne; Taylor, Jannette; Margalit, Ruth

Burden of road traffic accidents in Nepal by calculating disability-adjusted life years 
pp. 179-187(9)
Authors: Huang, Ling; Poudyal, Amod K.; Wang, Nanping; Maharjan, Ramesh K.; Adhikary, Krishna P.; Onta, Sharad R.

Effect of an educational intervention and parental vaccine refusal forms on childhood vaccination rates in a clinic with a large Somali population 
pp. 188-192(5)
Authors: Madlon-Kay, Diane J.; Smith, Emily R.

Narrative Analysis

Tobacco cessation pharmacotherapy use among racial/ethnic minorities in the United States: Considerations for primary care 
pp. 193-203(11)
Authors: Hooper, Monica Webb; Payne, Michael; Parkinson, Kimberly A.

Case Study

Understanding cultures beyond medicine
pp. 204-207(4)
Liu, Sheng


Social prescribing for healthy aging: sustaining social capital in India
pp. 208-210(3)
Author: Mani, Geetha

Adult-onset celiac disease for the primary care physician 
pp. 211-214(4)
Authors: Naidoo, Kamil; McCrossan, Laura

China Focus