How well are families doing? A description of family well-being in South Africa

· all Original Research, Volume 4 Issue 3

Objective: The purpose of this study was to describe the well-being of a sample of families from low socioeconomic communities in the Western Cape South Africa in terms of family resilience, family satisfaction, parenting styles, family structure and family functioning.

Methods: The study used a descriptive survey design and sampled 358 adult family members.

Results: The results indicate that although family functioning is challenged, parents are perceived to be using an authoritative parenting style and having a father present enhances family satisfaction. The results also describe families as displaying low-to-average levels of family resilience.

Conclusion: This study provides a descriptive study of a sample of families in the Western Cape, South Africa. Overall the families in this study are not doing very well. The implications and significance of these findings are further explained.

Keywords: Family functioning; South Africa; family resilience; family satisfaction; family well-being; parenting styles

Document Type: Research Article


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