Winter 2017 Issue Publishes

The Winter 2017 issue includes an editorial, five original research articles, one case study, one systematic review and two China Focus articles addressing various topics in family medicine in both China and internationally.

The first featured article in this issue is an original research article entitledSeguin Form Board as an intelligence tool for young children in an Indian urban slum. by authors Beena Koshy, Hannah Mary Thomas, Prasanna Samuel, Rajiv Sarkar, Scott Kendall and Gagandeep Kang. The Seguin-Form Board Test (SFBT) is an intelligence testing tool that is brief, portable and easy to administer, highlighting its utility as a community screening tool in resource-limited setting. The present study demonstrates acceptable concurrent validity for SFBT as early as three years of age as well as stable properties of the construct with acceptable predictive validity with intelligence assessment at seven years of age, both valuable properties of intelligence assessments in community settings.

The second featured article is an original research article entitledAssessment of family physicians’ knowledge of childhood autism by Hend Mikhail Salama. The aim of this study is to assess knowledge about autism among family physicians, producing information from Egypt that adds to research base. This study is a cross-sectional descriptive study, it was conducted between January and March 2017, carried out in the family medicine department, faculty of medicine, Suez Canal University in Ismailia city, Egypt. It used questionnaire of Knowledge about Childhood Autism among Healthcare Workers, and the mean score was 11.2± 3.5. It concluded that there is a lack of knowledge about autism among family physicians; they need more training about autism to increase awareness to improve early detection and intervention for improving the quality of life and care of children with autism.

Other articles published in the issue include:


Prevalence of and risk factors for eclampsia in pregnant women in India 
Authors: Agrawal, Sutapa; Walia, Gagandeep K.; Staines-Urias, Eleonora; Casas, Juan P.; Millett, Christopher

Effects of biscuit-type feeding supplementation on the neurocognitive outcomes of HIV-affected school-age children: a randomized, double-blind, controlled intervention trial in Kenya 
Authors: Khee Loo, Kek; Rizzo, Shemra; Chen, Qiaolin; Weiss, Robert E.; Sugar, Catherine A.; Ettyang, Grace; Ernst, Judith; Samari, Goleen; Neumann, Charlotte G.

Counseling strategies for nutritional anemia by family physicians in Saudi Arabia, 2016: Implication for training 
Authors: Elfakki, Fakhralddin Abbas Mohammed; AlBarrak, Njood Suliman Muhammed

Case Study

Systematic Review

Additive manufacturing techniques and their biomedical applications 
Authors: Liu, Yujing; Wang, Wei; Zhang, Lai-Chan

China Focus

Survey and analysis of patient safety culture in a county hospital 
Authors: Zhao, Xingxing; Liu, Weiwei; Wang, Yuanyuan; Zhang, Li

An automated management system for the community health service in China 
Authors: Hu, Hongpu; Zhang, Yue; Liu, Hongyan; Wang, Bingqian; Wan, Yanli